VIII Cashless Congress Programme

Planned discussion blocks

  1. Legal issues – Poland and the European Union, present and expectations for the future
  2. Security of cashless transactions for all parties/market participants – the role of collateral, the role of supervising institutions, new market support models, challenges related to the cybersecurity of cashless transactions
  3. Payment services at the local level – the impact of local government, cooperative banking, local business and consumer organizations
  4. Modern solutions in Europe and in the world – payment instruments, start-ups, PayTech – ideas and products exchange – PayTech arena
  5. Participation of retailers in the development of cashless payments – the impact of modern products on the tendency to actively participate in the cashless world (eReceipt, VAS, store of the future)
  6. Consumers – the most important recipients of modern payment solutions – the most important habits, identification of barriers, fight against exclusion
  7. Enforcing the consumer’s right to widespread use of cash and electronic payment instruments – the task of market regulators, politicians and all eco-system stakeholders
  8. Cashless Poland Program – a model role for Poland and the world
  9. The Three Seas – the most interesting solutions, market leaders, the future of payment services
  10. Education of society – an essential factor for the success of modern payment solutions
  11. The future of payment infrastructure – traditional terminals or modern solutions based on mobile devices applications
  12. The dynamically changing role of cashless payment instruments in building a modern and transparent economy – cooperation between public administration and commercial market stakeholders